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Week 19/2023

With all the Green Room and the expo in Barcelona I'm reviewing my originals with other eyes, with the distance that time gives.

I've found the first pages I did for DC Comics with Dan Green's inks, my 2002 self hated them very strongly but now I see them with much more affection.

Now things are done digitally and sent in seconds to the publisher's FTP and you can tweak details right up to the day it goes to print, there's no doubt it's a better method, but there's an undeniable magic to the originals of yesteryear.

In 2002, when I drew those pages, I received the script by email (and it was state-of-the-art) I drew the pages on paper that the publisher sent me and, once approved, I sent them to the DC offices in Broadway to be lettered and then with the texts, they were sent to the inker (Dan Green in this case), he did his thing and sent them back to the publisher to make the final adjustments and scanning.

And mind you, when I arrived, the coloring was already done by computer, I cannot imagine how it was in the old days.

In any case, all this tortuous process left the originals full of patches like the ones you can see in the photos I share.


The issue of AIs has us all worried, the other day David Muñoz left a reflexion, THE reflexion, on the subject, I hope he doesn't delete it or that it doesn't get lost from Twitter:


I can't show anything I'm working on these days because it's a secret, the good thing is that when I can tell you about it I'll have a huge amount of sketches and cool curiosities to share here.


In Streaming de Dibujantes however we are still there making our videos, sometimes, when we are too busy, we call each other, put the camera and talk about our stuff, the results are always interesting. Conversations between cartoonists at work for cartoonists to listen while at work.


I would say goodbye by showing some process, but I have such a mess here that I can't make up my mind about anything.

Happy week!

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