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He is a cartoonist graduated in illustration from the School of Art of Zaragoza in 1996. That same year he starts publishing comics in the fanzine "451º" where he meets other authors from Zaragoza with whom he will share his career since then. He became a professional with "Espiral" (1998) in the Brut collection of the publishing house La Cúpula.


From the year 2000 he starts working for the big American publishers, first in Marvel and then in DC Comics where he will be consecrated with titles such as "Fallen Angel" (2002), co-created with Peter David and, above all, "Catwoman" (2004), which he draws uninterruptedly for no less than 30 issues, breaking several records.


In 2008 he returned to Marvel with a closer collaboration; in "Avengers: The Reunion" (2008), he brought the love of the main superheroes to Zaragoza, and continued in the publishing house drawing for some of its flagship series: X-Men, Spider-Man or Guardians of the Galaxy


His most mediatic contribution to the Marvel mythology has been his work in "Captain Marvel" (2014) together with the scriptwriter Kelly Sue de Connick, work that inspired the 2019 movie based on that same character.


It is with "BlackHand & IronHead" (2017) when he returns to writing his own creations. This graphic novel was published in installments in Panel Syndicate, in digital format, and later published  by Panini Italia (2018), Astiberri (2019) in Spain, Dargaud (2019) in France and Image (2020) in the United States.

David López has worked for the best publishers in the world and has drawn their most important characters, receiving nominations for the main national and American industry awards. 


Currently, in addition to drawing covers for the majors, he is publishing the second part of "BlackHand & IronHead" and hosts regularly in the comic channel "Streaming de dibujantes".

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