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Finally breathing

Week 49/2023

I got caught up with the Professionals, I needed almost three weeks to recover.

And since then I have done a lot of very cool things, but I haven't had time to share them properly and it's unfair to all these people who organize events, what less that at least the participants spread the word. And I have shared, but in our disastrous social networks, those that are atomized and no longer show our publications and that have lost their initial purpose of allowing us to communicate with many more people (communication networks, friendship networks) to be spaces aimed at outrage you to make you stay as long as possible ( fishing nets for bottom trawling).


Through a colleague I was asked to do the cover of Bar&Beer magazine, and it was an honor. The magazine gave me some guidelines but they were really flexible and accepted my ideas with open arms. That's a pleasure.


A few weeks ago I was contacted by the Gobierno de Aragón to participate in a round table on Artificial Intelligence, I made it clear that I am not an expert, I am a cartoonist, but they told me that they were looking for exactly that, someone who could give a vision from the world of creation.

For about a month I searched a lot of information, legal, artistic and philosophical to be able to explain that "generative AIs" are a scam and a mistake.

I thought about it a thousand times and I saw that the answer is art, I mean ART, a part of my work with which I had never felt too comfortable but that at the end of the day is the key to everything.

En mi primera intervención no estuve muy fino, el público era muy serio y yo soy bastante informal en mi discurso, tuve que adaptarme y me costó. Después ya me sentí más cómodo y creo que estuve mejor, el Gobierno de Aragón subió el vídeo del evento.

This is my face of defending humanism in the society of the future.

Later, there was a second part in which the legal aspects of AIs were discussed, and that's when I started to feel really low, and I still haven't recover.


My friend Joan Tretze has a webcomic called "El sistema d13" in which he narrates the game played by a group of role-players where he is the master. We see what happens at the table between the players and what happens in the game itself with the characters. The case is that Joan had taken a well paid job and he lacked the time for his webcomic, so I offered myself because Joan is a good friend and I find his strip very funny and I wanted to try to draw his characters.


I recorded a podcast with Álex Serrano in which we talked about For All Mankind and he has just published it on his channel, Cápsula de escape.


The nominations for the Premios del cómic aragonés are out and this year I'm nominated for the three big ones, best Aragonese cartoonist, best Aragonese scriptwriter and best Aragonese comic, it makes me very excited because they are the awards of my home and I know they are carried out with all the love. I'm crossing my fingers to see if I'm not the big loser of the night.


As you may already know I'm a big fan of DanDaDan, it's my favorite shonen of the moment and I think it's a masterpiece, well it turns out that it's going to have an animated version and here's the trailer:


The Green Room told me that it was time to renew my prints for Christmas and that it would be nice to make some limited edition prints, here are some photos of the result.

And while I was at it, I tested for the monoprints!


And now that we are here, these are the latest SEVEN Streaming de Dibujantes videos, so you don't miss any of them.

In 281 I asked my colleagues for help in putting this year's Christmas Carol together, here are the notes I took:


I think we're all caught up, right? Enjoy December, Christmas is already here.

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