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Swedish furniture

Week 22/2022

I'm very late to my appointment with the blog, the week has been very crazy mainly because of a Swedish furniture store that you have to assemble yourself and that have messed up my head a lot, but it seems that things are fine now.

In my TL has appeared a video from the past, more than ten years ago, when I did "New Avengers: The Reunion", as the action happened in my city the local TV came to make a piece of me, you can enjoy it here if you want to see me with hair.

On Sunday afternoon instead of writing my weekly post I was having fun with my buddies from the cartoonist game, but instead of playing our mega-campaign we were at the GameOn playing a game of Call of Cthulhu live for everyone who wants to see it (you can hear me humming as soon as it starts).

In a Disney+ Ms. Marvel short film they used a cover of mine, I get excited about this kind of stuff.

In last week's Streaming we had the visit of Toni Caballero who is a mangaka from Valencia who draws beautifully.

I only saw the first episode of the last season of Stranger Things on TV, I was really amazed, let's see if I can stretch it for a while.

As for drawings, not much, I share with you the process of another of Sabac's covers, in this one everything went well until the day I had to send it to the printer, then they told me to change the color of the lady that appears in the cards (what a pleasure the digital coloring for some things).

Read lots of comics!

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