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Week 20/2022

My new computer arrived two months earlier than expected (thanks, Macnificos, you guys are great) and it has caught me very off guard.

I had the box sitting there staring at me for two weeks while I finished a secret thing and as soon as I was ready I started the migration process.

I don't like Apple's process where you plug in the new computer and the old one and between them they manage to leave everything just as it was.

I don't want that, with a new computer I am looking for a new start, cleaner, lighter, obviously without all the little programs that I have been installing throughout the life of a computer and that make it slow down, so I set out to do the migration operation.

In my notebook I wrote down all the programs I did want and the way to keep the licenses active, I prepared the CSP tools and actions and in general everything I assumed I would need.

That part went well but when we got into the part about syncing the Dropbox... ufff... that's taking longer. I'm sure there is a way to do it super fast but I don't know it and I'm downloading via the internet 1.2Tb at a crawl, I figure it will be a total of 72 hours, I expected more from the digital world, but the amount of data I drag along my professional and digital life is starting to be... huge.

In any case, I feel again that feeling of youth, like when I used eMule, watching hypnotized the progress bar of the download, now I make little stats with which I document the process.

A human being got a tattoo with a drawing of mine and I find it an honor. It already happened to me a lot ago that another human being got a tattoo of a Espiral panel and when I answered him I was quite a jerk and I never heard from him again, please, person who got a tattoo of one of my drawings, forgive me for being a jerk.

Kike has almost finished the color of BHIH #5, let's see when I can share it with you, pure souls, meanwhile I have retaken the thumnails of the 6th and last issue.

The last copies of Dibujos&Mazmorras are still available in MilCómics, I sent one to Borja González with all my love and envy because he's such a superb artist.

Last week we had a visit from David Ramirez, who is a lovely person and someone I am very fond of, not only because of how nice he is but also because he is not spiteful, I have a shameful anecdote with him and either he does not remember it or he did not realize it or he has forgiven me, I like to think it is the latter.

I haven't watched much TV, with the little one we were watching anime openings, she loves "A cruels angels thesis" and is having a tremendous hook with manga in all its formats, so much that I promised to put a movie, she reminded me on Sunday night at bedtime. I am true to my word and played her a very good one, "Your name", after half an hour she saw that it was not for her and she voluntarily withdrew.

In this maelstrom of Japanese animation we saw "Words bubble up like soda pop", it wasn't my thing at all but I was impressed by its use of color.

I'm not sharing process with you because at the moment my files are traveling through the ether.

Enjoy the summer!

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