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More energy!

Week 39/2022

In the recording of last week's episode of SdD I realized how important it is to go into the projects with energy, giving it all, Kenny Ruiz says that you have to thrill yourself with your project and it's true, if it doesn't thrill you, it won't thrill others.

That's what I have proposed for this year, give it all, go all out and thrill myself with my stuff, that's why I'm taking so long with my Inktober, because I'm liking it and I know that people will like it a lot, I will start publishing on Thursday, I will be waiting for you in my social networks, and I'll add one more thing, I'm going to make a Telegram channel like the one where Joan Tretze publishes his webcomic.

You see, energy in abundance.


Last week we had Alvaro Martinez at Streaming de Dibujantes and he was very cool as he always is.


I won't share a cover process because I'm writing from the iPad but I do leave a gallery of half-done Inktober drawings. Welcome to autumn.

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