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Week 45/2022

Seems like rumors of migration away from Twitter are back again, and the option that seems most obvious is Mastodon.

Until this very weekend my experience there has been quite limited, social networks are like a fax machine, if you're the only one who has it it's worthless. Fortunately this weekend more people have started to arrive and it's been a bit like when I was starting to use twitter.

But, isn't this Mastodon thing a bit complicated? No, it's just like twitter.

Just the same?

Pretty much the same. I think the problem that puts people away is that it gives too much explanation. It works like Twitter, that easy.

The most striking difference and I think that slows you down when you open your account is that you have to choose a server, it's nothing, it's a surname that will contain your name and that's it. The ones people choose are usually .art for art, or .social if you are more interested in... social, you know.

But it's not important either because later on you can change server if you want.

Moreover, it is not important at all because the different servers can talk to each other, I can follow from my .art account whoever I want from .social.

And that's it.

There is a long term advantage in Mastodon that I think is great, you can open your own server if you want, or you can go to another server, without losing your community. If someday the .art server becomes terraplanist and I feel bad about it, I'll move to another one and that's it! That way you are safe from crazy millionaires.

But what do I know, I liked Google+.


I have already put in the wise hands of Cristina Castañ all the material of the Inktober book, its title: "Rumbo a Bosque Perdido".

Here's a sneak peek of the cover, it's looking great and, though it needs a lot of digital retouching, it will look more or less like this.


I made a cover for a digital edition of Secret Wars #3 with Titania, here the process.

If you want me to elaborate on how I do things, just ask, the comments are there.

Have a good week.

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