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It's dark out there, isn't it?

Week 42/2023

What a dark week, it seems that the world is going to hell and that the human race has gone crazy, I find human beings who justify the indiscriminate killing of children and are able to even try to have a discussion about it. We see a summer that lasts well into October and there are still people with secondary school completed who deny climate change.

In times like these I am lucky to find comfort in my work, in the worlds I draw there is an order that I understand, and in my reading, I have Terry Pratchett who always reminds me that as long as you are a good person, evil will not win.


We are back with Streaming de Dibujantes and, although we have not recorded this week, we are sharing our thoughts.


This year I won't be doing Inktober because I don't have enough energy to do it on my own, but I've been able to do it in collaboration with my colleagues from The Green Room, with a little bit of everyone, it can be done. Here are mine. Stay human this week, everything passes.

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