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I am exhausted

Week 43/2022

I'm reaching the end of Inktober absolutely worn out, I'm loving it, but I should have started on September 1st!

I leave here the ones from this week, you know you are my weak spot.

More stuff from Inktober, well, from last year's Inktober, it turns out that the French publisher Seidkona has set up a crowdfunding to publish the Dibujos&Mazmorras book, it's great!!!!


In this week's Streaming we also had Inktober, we were talking about how to compose with light using masses of black and gray, I had a great time and I think it turned out pretty good, I strongly recommend it.

In the episode we used an Inktober image to which we applied different lighting and offered a methodology, I don't know, I liked doing it.


During this week I also dedicated a lot of energy writing my press release for the media, it is something that I think I should take more care of, if you do it well and make it easy for them it is very possible that they will echo and you will get publicity that otherwise you could not pay for.

It's great to have social networks where you communicate with your audience, but it leaves out a lot of people who might also be interested and either don't know you or don't use your social networks.

I don't know, it's probably because I've put a lot of energy and thought into it but now I feel like continuing to do it.

Happy week, Halloween is just around the corner!

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