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Everything seems to be working now.

Week 23/2022

I've finally changed my CPU and studio furniture, it's all new now and I love it, I wanted to make the transition after I finished BHIH but the computer arrived too early and I couldn't resist. My art books are finally together and shiny, my motorized table roars and all is well. It's time to finish this comic, I want to face the new projects with the best technical disposition.

The colors of BHIH 5 are here and only a few minor details are missing, the translation and the readers post, this is done.

Last week we made a video in SdD making our betting pool on the Eisner Awards, there are many Spanish and Latino nominees, a lot of talent with a chance to win, it would be great.

The videos are recorded a week in advance, we already have the one for "next week" and we are doing some storytell exercises, my result below, David Lafuente's are available for his patrons. I cheated and incorporated some of Lafu's ideas because they are better, in next week's video you will see the whole process.

On TV there is only one thing this week, Stranger Things, my favorite series is saying goodbye with a glorious season, perfect, no failure.

*I can't be impartial with this series, I like it too much to watch it with critical eyes.

As for the roleplaying, really cool week, the game I run has finally set off in search of adventure after several days of wandering aimlessly around the city and in the one I play with Joan Tretze ( pay attention to his crowdfunding!) after 16 sessions we have had a combat in which we have killed someone, morally we are covered because they started and we were fighting to save our lives... it's strange what happens in that game, we have many adventures but we are not violent at all.

I say goodbye with the fourth of Sabaac's covers.

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