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Do I have to decide everything myself?

Week 47/2022

One of the things that have struck me most about the professional phase I'm in now, in which I control the whole process of my work, is that I have to control the whole process of my work and that's very exhausting.

The second volume of BlackHand&IronHead is getting ready for printing at Astiberri and it's looking beautiful, and Rumbo a Bosque Perdido is also being done very well by Cris Castañ.

In both cases I rely on professionals to do the design work, but there are many decisions, so many, that I myself have to make, and that requires a lot of effort, I tell the designers that their criteria should prevail, that they are the ones who really know, but of course, they need to know what I want and knowing what one wants requires a conscious effort that I don't want to make, what I want is to draw and that's it.

When the books are on the street I will forget about the work it costs and I will just enjoy how beautiful they will be.

(Remember that the designers are largely responsible for the final look of a book, that those beautiful books that you grab from the shelf catch your attention because they are very well designed, and they read well and are understandable because everything is in the right place. Thank you, Alba, and thank you, Cris).


Streaming de Dibujantes gives me the excuse to talk with the colleagues I admire and to be able to lead the conversation. Don't you ever feel like asking a friend about things but you're a bit shy? This week we had the chance to talk to Kenny Ruiz, a total comic author who shares his wisdom in a natural way, without being self-important.


My daughter draws better and better every day and I'm seriously considering making a Tumblr with her amazing drawings, but I think she should be the one to make this kind of decisions when she's old enough.


I finish with the process of the second Witcher cover I have done.

Here I didn't work too much on the watercolor and so I had to retouch too much in digital. The final result was very good, but maybe there is too much ClipStudio, I never know how to judge these things.

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