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Christmas is complicated

Week 50/2021

I am very fond of planning and in fact I consider myself a pretty organized person, but these dates put my abilities to the test.

In my case, I have to add a couple of things to the classic Christmas rush, my Espiral Christmas Story (26 editions including this year's) and the Zaragoza Comic Fair, which is taking place these days and assures a lot of social events.

Let's start with the Zaragoza Comic Fair.

It is a wonderful event organized by the City Council of Zaragoza and that promotes the reading of comics, it is not a commercial show whose objective is to sell comics, it is very popular in the city and the Zaragozans come en masse.

I will be there signing my comics and meeting my colleagues and long time readers, here is my schedule:

Friday 17:

17.00 Signing: Stand de Astiberri.

18.00 Signing: Stand de Firmas.

Sábado 18:

11.00 Signing: Stand de MilComics.

12.30 Modero la charla: "Humor cotidiano con mensaje", Sala Mortadelo.

17.00 Signing: Stand de MilComics.

18.30 Signing: Stand Taj Mahal.

Domingo 19:

11.00 Signing: Stand de MilComics.

12.30 Charla: "Érase una vez en América", Sala Mortadelo.


About my Christmas comic, it's almost ready and I'll publish it on the 21st, but you will be able to see it here before, of course, at the moment the first page looks like this.

Last but not least: I'm going to put on sale a couple of very cool prints, the details later this week, I think, when I finish planning the online store.

I mustn't forget about this! The people of the I Salón del cómic e Ingeniería Civil 2022 (Vertebra!) have created this great video in which they put voice to some pages of BlackHand&IronHead to promote my presence there, with this level of effort I'm sure it is going to be something worthwhile.

I think that's it for today, huh? Happy pre-Christmas week!

"Chicken Devil #1" Alternative Cover

This gig came to me from Christina Harrington, an editor I was very happy to work with at Marvel and who is now at Aftershock, I love these crazy ideas that can only happen outside of the big two.

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