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Week 21/2023

It has been a long time since I assumed that I am not an author "of those who receive awards", there are works that lend themselves more to this type of recognition and mine do not, I do not deal with current issues or deep-rooted themes, or serious matters, and it is good that they give awards to those works, those are the important ones.

For some time I was nominated for things as a young author, but that train has been gone for years, that issue is much more difficult for me to bear.

I have had over the years some nominations and I love it, and I would like to win, obviously, but it doesn't keep me awake at night (that's what I say now).

The thing is that I have received a nomination for an Eisner, or a nomination for an Eisner has come to a comic in which I participate, the Moon Knight: Black, White & Blood #3, I do one of the three short stories that comprise it, so I don't know how much I'm really nominated.

I read a quote by someone (maybe Borges?) that said something like the nomination is the prize, who wins it is politics.

In my case, as I don't think I will get the precious statuette, only the nomination, I think it's a gift and I'm very happy, then I see other Spanish colleagues who are also nominated in categories with more weight and I'm very happy for them, I know they will win because they are very good and deserve it, but I don't know if I would want to go through the anxiety and uncertainty associated*.

* Of course I would!


The other day I had a problem again with SEUR, the courier company, and it was 100% my fault. I explain it from the end to the beginning because that way you will understand it better:

On Tuesday SEUR was supposed to come by to pick up a package but they didn't, in their system it said they had picked it up but it was a lie, The Green Room cancelled the pick up and that's all.

On Monday Icíar (the genius behind The Green Room) told me that the pick up was ready and that SEUR would collect the package, I said "meh", she asked me what was wrong, I told her that SEUR gave me problems too often, Icíar said no problem, that she would cancel and that she would organize the pick up with Zeleris, I told her that it was ok, that we could try with SEUR.

That's why I say it was my fault, it is in SEUR's nature not to work well, and I knew it, so it is not SEUR's fault that the pickup didn't work, it was my fault for having believed that this time it would work.

I hope to learn for the next one.


I am back to the signing tours after a month, it seems longer, but no, maybe I'm just getting used to it.

I'm going to visit Galicia, a place I love because the people there are very welcoming and the food is delicious, I'll post pictures of the different events here.

However, the weekends of the 3rd and 10th of June I will be in Madrid doing different things at the Book Fair.


I post also the videos of the last two weeks, in one we talk with Paula Gómez from Sei∂kona and in the other we give free rein to our opinions about the bad treatment that cartoonists receive in the working environment.


With nothing else to add, I'm off, have a good week.

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