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Trying new things

Week 8, 2022

My work has a wonderful thing which is that it is impossible to learn it all, there is always a technique to try and with each advance more questions open up, sometimes it is a bit overwhelming but with a little step back to take perspective, the worries go away and one can dive into the beauty of the process.

When I draw figurative I use all the photographic reference I can and I apply some processes to transform it to line and grays, so I can integrate 3D objects and it looks great, the problem is when you have to draw something and you can't find the ideal photo, then I draw it by hand and it ends up looking a lot different. In the last project I have done for Marvel I have tried a different approach, instead of drawing with line I have drawn with masses of black using the lasso filler, I'm very happy with the result, here a couple of screenshots.

Since I made Inktober I've been obsessed with an ink for fountain pens, it's called "Carbon ink" and it's from Platinum, I use it with a Lamy pen for the normal line and a Preppy (also from Platinum) that comes calibrated at 0.2mm for fine work.

In last week's Streaming I was talking with Guillem March who is a very nice guy and who has something that I really appreciate, he doesn't talk to look good with you, in art and in life it is vital to have people you admire and who have that attitude.


Who is Anna? (3/5): It's a true crime with no fatal victims, about a girl who swindles all the high society of New York.

Good Omens T1(3/5): It's what happens when you see something you have high expectations, it's cool but I expected better.

For this cover I didn't feel too sure I could do it with line and I wanted to try graphite with digital color. The result is not bad but I don't think I will repeat because I suffered a lot at the idea of having to go around erasing a pencil hatching... there's no going back.

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