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Time change.

Week 13, 2022

I'm not used to changing the time and I don't really see the benefit, but who am I? I'm sure smart people do it for a reason.

Just now I land back from the " Comic con Caminos", it has been wonderful, we have had a great time and we have seen a lot of friends, the round table with road engineers (Isabel, Juan Carlos, you are a great company!) was a success, let's see when they send me the video and I can put it in Streaming de Dibujantes.

It was cool to be able to meet again with a lot of people I had not seen for a long time, even David Muñoz came, who by his body posture in the photo looks comfortable with people.

The signing session was multitudinous and very entertaining, I finished late but what can I do, I love meeting my readers.

A crazy paradox is happening and it is that I have already finished the figure drawing phase of episode five of BHIH and you haven't seen episode four yet, this way we ensure continuity.

Last week in Streaming de Dibujantes I had the company of Ibán Coello, Venom and Deadpool cartoonist and Dragon Ball fanatic, it was very cool and at the end he had very interesting reflections with a great load of humanity.

On the role-playing side, it was cool that with the excuse of Cómic con Caminos I was able to meet up with Amaya from the Thursday morning cartoonists' game.

On TV, as I worked a lot of finishes, I was able to see a lot of things:

Our flag means death T1 (3/5): it's ok because Waikiki tells me the things I like, but it's not brilliant.

Good omens T1 (3/5): I had pending to finish this series (short), it entertains and the main characters have so much chemistry together that no more is needed, but the book is too difficult to adapt.

High Fidelity T1 (3/5): I'm late to this series, if it catches me at any other time in my life, it will take me away. I already liked the movie adaptation and I was not looking forward to it, but Zoe Kravitz manages to pull off the character and the secondary characters are a luxury, the problem is that it doesn't find the tone so rounded of the movie or stand out enough to have its own entity. IF they make a second season, I'll watch it.

Dota, sangre de dragón L1 (2/5): average... fantasy anime, with its epic and common places, it doesn't drive me crazy but it's good to watch while you draw.

I finally got around to finishing the reread of Billy Bat and indeed, I didn't get it either when I read it back to back, all must say that even if you don't get it, all 20 volumes are very entertaining.

For this week's process, Knights of X, since I saw Psylocke's redesign, I'm all in.

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