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This was fast

Week 15, 2022

This week has been very weird, on the one hand the hour change and the convention hangover, which is very nice, and on the other hand I've had the girl sick and the work pace has suffered greatly, and to finish complicating things, my dentist appointment, the typical appointment that comes with threats "take antibiotics three days before", and it did not disappoint, my cheeks are so swollen that I look like a hamster.

In spite of everything and surprisingly, I have the fifth episode of BH&IH finished and it is very strange (some details are missing, the cover and so on, but this is basically ready to pass it to Kike).

This week there was no roleplay or Streaming video because of everything I said before, but I have received the videos of the Comic con Caminos and I will be able to publish them little by little.

I do have the video of the presentation of Backhome in MilCómics with Sergio Hernández and Toni Caballero who are really cool guys.

Comics and TV and stuff:

UltraMega (4/5): I had doubts because of the story when I bought it, but it's pretty solid, what's awesome is the art, it's tremendous.

Japan Under the Terror of the Monster, 1954 (4/5): The first Godzilla movie and the mother of a whole genre, I thought it was a monster movie and that's it, but no, the Godzilla monster is a narrative device to talk about the responsibility of scientists and the arms race, it's a great pacifist movie with a devilish pace, it's a catastrophe movie, it's cool.

Asadora #3 (4/5): Placed this series here because it's turning out to be a most rewarding Godzilla adaptation, it's got everything Naoki Urasawa gives perfectly distilled, I'm all in.

OVNIs T1 (3/5): It's a French series about UFOs in 1978, I've marveled how the French are not envious of anyone and rewrite their past as they please, very entertaining and with a synthesizer music that has me in raptures.

This week's process is from a cover of the Marvel and Fortnite thing, I'm not much of a gamer but my younger friends like it a lot.

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