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Week 16/2023

I'm still working on things I can't say anything about, but I can talk about books I've read lately and that have touched me.

(Seeing what I have chosen I realize that I am in a quite intimate and reflective phase, it will be the adulthood).

If you click on the image it directs you to the purchase link.

El Fuego

Earth's most famous architect is hired to build a shelter for humanity in the face of an imminent meteorite impact that will end all life. Everything is work and worldwide support until he discovers that he suffers from a tumor that will end his life in a few weeks.

From that premise Rubin is focused on confronting his character with really tough situations in which there is no good option.

Rubin has been very brave and very ambitious and has opened his heart to drag us through those parts of human nature that we prefer not to look at.


Bartolomé Seguí is a tremendously human person, I know we are all 100% homo sapiens, but Seguí shows his hope and love for others in every work he does.

Here he shows us the life of a series of characters he created for the magazine "El Víbora" at the end of the 80s, very young and very modern, who thirty years later have changed and see life in a different way.

The book is a delight, it is very rough in many parts, it does not-talk to us about the inevitability of death and how to face it, there is a phrase that Ernesto (the main narrator in this choral work) says that impregnates everything with light (paraphrase): we have to think about what will we do with the next fifteen or twenty years that we have left before others make the decisions for us.

The comic book is about how to face old age with dignity but Bartolomé Seguí is in an enviable authoral form, every comic book he publishes is his best work and it makes me want to keep drawing because, if he can always do better, I can do it too.


Yesterday I went to the Centro de Historias de Zaragoza and I saw that the exhibition about this magnificent manga is still there, take the oportunity to visit it, it is a golden opportunity to admire the work of the master Yukinobu Tatsu. And just this morning I started reading the fifth volume of the Spanish edition.

What can I say about DanDaDan... That it's my favorite shonen? that I still find it a comic book with a brilliant sense of humor? that Tatsu is the best cartoonist in the world? I've already said all that many times. Buy this comic, it's a must.


Evol is the new work of Atsushi Kaneko, author of Deathco, and what he is delivering is a true 100% American and 100% Japanese superhero work.

Kaneko's art has a lot of similarities with Charles Burns in terms of technique but with a totally oriental narrative.

The subject matter is not very new, some kids who discover they have powers, but what he does with that premise is what's really interesting.

Very cool.


Alfred's work, it is a kind of intimate romantic comedy, a crazy summer night, inconsequential but perfectly told.


Nadar tells us four short stories (not so short, in total they add up to quite a lot of pages) that are not related, and all four are great, with Nadar's own narrative style, calm, full of details and twists that you do not expect, but drawn with a subtlety that is worth contemplating twice.


A work by Singelin, one of my favorite cartoonists. In a post-war society veterans are a bummer and society turns its back on them, the protagonist suffers from the scars of war, physical and spiritual, and embarks on a personal crusade against... well, read it, it has a lot of very well choreographed fight scenes and a story full of second chances.

The color...phew, the color is tremendous.


I've only been able to see the preview that Milky Way has published in one of those little books they drop in bookstores, but I'm already totally into it.

Keigo Shinzo tells the story of a young man who befriends an endearing old lady and learns from her an attitude towards life. The art is fabulous, the drawing alone is worth it, but the story is so tender that it will not leave you indifferent, we need more love in our lives.

Reservation Dogs

I have started the second season of this series on Disney+. Reservation Dogs tells the story of some young kids in an Indian reservation in the heart of America, on the background of tragedy and injustice it tells us little stories full of youth, kindness and magic. Yes, yes, magic, that same magic that flooded Northern Exposure, if you feel orphaned from the adventures of Doctor Fleischman, you will love this series.

Guardians of the Galaxy (vol.1y2)

This weekend I watched both movies with my daughter, one on Saturday and the other on Sunday, and I remembered this wonderful essay by Lindsay Ellis on Guardians of the Galaxy and toxic masculinity, well worth a watch.


This week in Streaming de Dibujantes we made a summary of how Lafu and I did at the Barcelona convention and we commented on the crazy Playmobil catalog.


I already have the schedules for my Día del Libro signings in Zaragoza:

12.00-14.00 MilComics.

17.00-18.00 El Armadillo Ilustrado

19.00-20.00 Taj Mahal

I would love to make a poster for the occasion, but Captain Marvel won't let me do it.

Not much more, I'm going back to work, to finish writing some emails that I have pending for weeks.

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