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The sweet flavor of September

Week 36/2023

When I was little I didn't like September very much, it was a month that was somewhere in the middle of the end of summer and the beginning of school, in fact I think I had a hatred for it because it meant the arrival of classes.

Over time I have been putting it more in context and now is a good month (all are good), now brings the routine, is a new beginning and I like that, the French have a word for this time, "la reentrée", the return, return to the life that we forged throughout the year, it is a life that may not be the one we like, but it is what we are used to. Cities return to their pace and bookstores and gyms are packed with people hoping to gain those routines that make us better.

I am not very original but here I am back with the blog, I have started to reread Pratchett's Discworld and tomorrow I go back to the gym.


I spent the summer quite busy, I was two weeks in the United States where I attended FanExpo Boston* and Fanexpo Chicago, I didn't know very well what to expect from these kind of events and maybe I didn't take full advantage of them, I think that when I repeat I'll do it better.

Meanwhile, here I post a few drawings that I did there and that will be available very soon at The Green Room (if you like them, ask directly there).

Special mention for these two, I love Bo Katán and I love Katee Shackhoff so I already had this couple signed, they are really cool, aren't they?

*I was amazed by the city of Boston, I was in love with it and the whole New England area, I want to spend an endless summer in a house on a lake there.


I normally arrive at the end of the season of Streaming de Dibujantes very tired, but this time I arrived with a lot of energy, as soon as I convince David Lafuente, we will get back to work.

🔼 This latest video contains a major surprise.🔼


No me puedo ir sin contar, con todo el orgullo, que mi hija ilustra el cartel del Huescómic de este año y que Lafu se encargó del diseño, what did I do? I was the boss.

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