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That's it, it's getting cold.

Week 44.

My daughter is much more talented than I am, as evidenced by this Halloween card game she made last week. Iconic.

Well, I'm now free of all commitments other than BlackHand&IronHead and I can finally enjoy a bit of my peace and quiet and my work.

It now remains to share the Inktobers of the last week, here they are.

What an experience... though I did cheat in the production, the promotion has been the headache, I just want to draw!

I'd like to do them again another year, of course, and I already have the theme in mind, the magic school of Torreblanca, a location from my D&D game. I would do the characters that populate it but I would also do drawings of the exterior and playable plans. Let's see if next year I'm available around this time and it can be done, it would be cool.

In this week's Streaming de Dibujantes we talked with Álvaro Martínez about the imminent publication in Spain of his "The nice house on the lake", which is a wonder of graphics and story that works seamlessly, it's nice when a work team is coordinated.

I say goodbye with an alternate cover I did for Daredevil featuring Miles Morales with a cool video game costume and the new Daredevil (from 2021) who is not Matt Murdock.

The funny thing about this cover is that I inked it with a ballpen, Pepe Larraz style.

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