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Week 4, 2022

Still with the good promotion from "Cómic con Caminos", we will do a round table in which we will explain "How a structure is destroyed", we are going to make things cool.

And with the same gesture, here's the news regarding the "Captain Marvel" Omnibus to be released in October.

This week we finally returned to publish videos in Streaming de Dibujantes, this week we have Jorge Fornés with whom we talk about drawing cart... about money, we end up talking about money the most.

This week I did a lot of things but I can't talk about most of them so I'll share this page that Kike J. Díaz sent me of how the coloring of the BH&IH#4 is doing, I think it's really cool, the style we have together is getting stronger.

And now I leave you with another cover process, the one for an X-Corp alternative.

Note the step between image 3 and 4, as the characters looked a little bit too small, I stretched them just like that... and they turn out much better!

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