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New year, new life.

Week 3/2022

I'm starting the year a little late, the return to work after Christmas has been quite hard but I come back with the battery fully charged.

Last week I finished drawing BlackHand&IronHead #4, it's already in the wise hands of Kike J. Díaz and any moment now I'll start to see how it's coming along.

It will still take me a while to start #5 because I've got a beautiful job with Marvel that I'll tell you more about, during the winter months the production increases, not having so many plans helps me to draw more.

At the moment I'm sharing the color sketch of the cover, I saw on Monlongo's twitter how he makes them and I think I'm going to copy it as much as I can.

While I was working on the sketch my daughter was doing her interpretation, she is the most talented artist in the house.

During these Christmas weeks I didn't make a video Streaming de Dibujantes, but I had audiovisual presence, here is the review of the BlackHand IronHead that they made at Adictos al Cómic.

From Cómic con Caminos they continue to promote their event in which I will be a guest in two months... I'm looking forward to it!

I can't show too much of one thing I'm doing that's going to be the blast this year, just the first page of the preliminary sketchbook.

And enough with the news, I'll share the process of a cover, see you next week.

There are times when you get commissions where time is a factor. Here it happened that Marvel asked me for a cover with VERY little time to do it. We are professionals and in the end it turned out really nice.

A first phase of sketches, I had an idea of what was acceptable for Star Wars and what wasn't, even so I didn't think that putting Boba Fett pointing at a defenseless evil guy wasn't going to work.

With the sketch approved, the only thing left to do was to give the color.

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