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Inktober still remains.

Week 45

As a culmination of my Inktober I made a last black and white Illustration in which I condensed everything I learned during this last month and the result was very cool, but the public reaction was crazy, it's already my most popular Instagram post almost doubling the second one.

BlackHand&IronHead is going at its own pace, I already have the layouts of the fourth episode and they have already passed through Marcos Martin's inquisitive eye so everything is fine there. Download it from here.

This week's Streaming could not be because Halloween's long weekend disrupted everything, what can we do.

I've been doing more covers and more of everything, but I'm going to share one that is already old but has something that I like, I quite like the painted aspect, but working for a Javi Pulido's book is always an added pressure, Pulido is at another level.

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