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Inktober 2021

Week 38.2021

After a long time I finally (moved by envy, obviously) decided to do Inktober this year, here is the list:

These are drawings of Dungeons&Dragons characters, they are not specific characters that I have played but they are the ones I imagine when I read the handbooks.

Normally I don't allow certain races and certain classes, neither tieflings nor half-orcs or draconids, I think they don't fit with the worlds I imagine and that they give a lot of problems when integrating players into a society, but of course, sometimes my players (or myself) come with a concept too cool to leave it out.

But back to the drawings: I will do them with Tachikawa Linemarker A.T. nibs with deposit and the idea is to make a finish with a lot of plot like Kamome Shirahama.

During the week of Halloween, and to honor the holidays, I will be doing larger drawings using watercolors.

Elf Paladin of the Oath of the Ancients

I also want to test a feature of this blog that allows me to send emails to subscribers, so I will try to make it work and send the exact publication time in twitter to those of you who read this, so you have an advantage in order to buy them if you are interested, I can't promise anything since I have to figure out how this thing works.

"X-Corp #4" variant.

This week I'm sharing the process of working on an alternate cover for X-Corp (what used to be X-Factor), it's the last one I've done 100% digital!

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