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I'm a little bit sick

Week 11/2022

I've already tested and it's not the bug, but I'm in bad shape, not too bad but bad enough to be crawling around. Send me some soup or something.

Once the Valencia event is finished, it's time to get ready for Madrid, a meeting of civil engineers and comics to show that comics can be used to teach about engineering, in any case, the guest list is long and we're going to have a great time.

The fourth episode of BHIH is already completely finished and is just waiting for Marcos to give a release date, in the meantime I've been working on the fifth episode and it's progressing very fast, the end is close at hand.

In this past week's Streaming we had Clara Soriano as a guest to boost our morale, she has that wonderful energy that cheers you up in a bad week.

This weekend the role-playing group "La goblinera" is holding its Rolemarathon 2022 and MilComics is going to give them two "Dibujos & Mazmorras" for their raffles, I'll put the drawings inside.

On Tuesday 15/03, if health allows me, I will be at the Fundación Caja Rural de Zaragoza with Sara Soler to talk about her work, it will be cool because Sara is an artist with an unstoppable force.

And I leave you with this week's process, one of Star Wars with Aurra Singh, this year I'm going to try to do them all with fountain pen to see how it goes.

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