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I have a beautiful book

Week 46, 2021

Dibujos&Mazmorras, the compilation book of my Inktober drawings, is here and it is beautiful, hard cover with golden varnish, full color and with a very elegant design by Cris Castañ.

Without being aware of it, I have self-published my first illustration book... it's crazy!

It can be ordered from MilComics through this link, and they are faster than I am with shipping.

In the meantime, this week I will be sending the last Inktober originals with a little gift because you have helped me to have a great time these days.

Clara Soriano was quick to send her Inktober drawing, she sent me this delicacy, she is super talented and has here her store with a lot of very cheap drawings, there is one of Nabiki Tendo that is gorgeous and has a bargain price, not only cool in its technical execution but also in the choice of motifs.

Grabé el vídeo semanal de Streaming de Dibujantes con Lafu, hablamos sobre el acabado en los dibujos y creo que nos quedó una cosa bastante maja.

But, hey, the social activity did not decline, on Saturday 13 I was accompanying Pepe Larraz in his signings in MilComics, as always many beautiful people and he behaved with the drawings, but with me the most, here the nice Kanan that made me.

And BlackHand&IronHead? There it is, progressing, at the moment a preview of the cover.

During the week I will do a mailing with the details for the Inktober drawings repurchase and then I will put them at their normal price so... last chance.

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