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Week 25/2023

I don't know what day I live in anymore with so much travel, I swear.

The events are piling up and I'm starting to mix them up.

Everyone is very friendly in Galicia. It is worth a visit.

First I went to Galicia (I wrote the Gurps entry in which I got very artistic) and came back beaten to a pulp. Traveling is really hard.

During the week I drew a Spider-Man thing that turned out great but it's not announced yet.

I was preparing the Pentel material that I use at home and I did this couple of tests to see if what I was going to teach was worthwhile.

Facing the weekend that I was traveling to Alcazar de San Juan and Madrid I recieved a new Spider-Man project and I also said yes.

Big mistake, too much work.

The people of Alcazar are pure love.

In Alcazar I had too much fun, so the Pentel event at the Book Fair was in danger, but it didn't matter, the activity was full of children and we had to adapt it on the fly and in the end it turned out great.

On the occasion that I was passing through Madrid, I stole Paco Alcázar's place and signed a comic book.

I went home, voice broken, exhausted and not wanting to travel for a good long time.

During the week I was drawing more Spider-Man (I love it, but it's harder than you'd expect) thinking I wasn't going to make it in time.

I turned in on time.

But I ran off to the Madrid Book Fair. An aside here. The Madrid Book Fair is a wonder, there are a lot of people who visit the stands with an ideal attitude, open mind (and wallet) to discover new things, it has something festive that I love.

At the Fair I had the privilege of signing with Paco Roca and I could see what is the effort and professionalism of a great author, always the last to leave and if he has to sign with the stand closed, he does, or with the light of cell phones ... an example.

The fact is that I was already thinking about the happy summer break when I was invited to a festival in Bergamo... and look, I'm not one of those who say no to Italy, so... we're still in the mess another week, there is no rest.

Well... I can also count that I will be in Santander on July 6th. The party doesn't stop.


In Streaming we have had some complicated weeks and our production has been irregular, I leave here the last videos.

In this Pepe Larraz and I talk about our things while we draw.

In this Lafu and I give our opinions on the latest comic controversy.

This is one of our best videos, in it Pepe Larraz, Kenny Ruiz and I talk about how much we love David Lafuente's art and, more importantly, why. It's a must see.


Thanks to the intervention of Icíar from The Green Room, I am getting material from brands to try, on Saturday I was playing with what they brought from Posca and UniPin, all very nice material, I already knew the calibrated markers and they are my favorites, and what can I say about the Posca acrylic paint markers at this point. I took advantage of the occasion and tried my hand at remarking, which is a very popular thing to do in the United States and you have to know how to do it.


Every day I feel more comfortable at Mastodon, everything is calmer and there are no algorithms, the atmosphere is healthier, it makes you want to share things because you know that the public there, even if it's less people, values it more. I shared my production sketches of the Mystic comic published by Marvel back in 2010, adorable.


And while I was testing, I recovered an old material, some colored ziptones that were hiding in a drawer. The result was ideal.

Have a good week!

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