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Week 8/2023

Before we start, a heads up in case you're in Madrid next weekend!

I'll be at Delirio and Omega and I have every intention of having a great time, so... I'll see you, right?


Last weekend we did a digital signing at MilComics, it had a bit of a bumpy start but in the end we managed to overcome the technical difficulties and had a good time.

Here is the live video of the MilComics staff telling their stories, I also want to recommend the MangaTurra, the Podcast of Carlota and Maria that is very cool.


Reviews of BlackHand&IronHead: Consequences keep coming in, you're all very nice, thank you very much for your feedback:

- Juán Rodríguez Millán in Cómic Para Todos.

- The work done by Pedro Paredes in Construyendo Historias is a work of art, an in depth analysis, I look very smart here.

- Diego García Rouco in Zona Negativa.

- Iván Galiano in 13 Millones de Naves.

- Even David Lorao in Hobby Consolas, who puts my comic in a list of comics that should be taken to the movies.

I also appear on the cover of Z magazine with a long interview with Koldo Azpitarte, which is becoming a habit.

Bamf left me a spot in his new format (I'm at minute 9:00).


In this thread you can read the announcement with more details of the exhibition that I will have in the Comic Barcelona. Seriously, you have no idea how excited I am about this, it's a dream come true.


The Streaming de Dibujantes videos are piling up! Here are the ones from the last two weeks. In the first one good old Lafu and I get into a lot of gardens and in the second one we talk with Alex Serrano about Fanzimad.

Take the chance and subscribe to his newsletter because it's the best Sunday magazine.


Burt Bacharach

Last week Burt Bacharach left us, an elegant, luminous, sidereal composer, a gentleman with compositions within reach of very few, someone from another era, a time when songs were much bigger.

I knew of his existence through a version made by All Saints in a tribute concert that was collected in the album "One Amazing Night", I listened to it and discovered a lot of songs that I already adored and that I had never related to each other even though they all have the same touch of orchestral elegance.


I already told it in the newsletter of my store but I repeat it here, I will close the store in no time, but it is for a justified cause, you'll see.


And to close it all I leave you the cover of Z magazine, a piece that I like very much.

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