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BHIH#5 is available NOW!

Week 27/2022

I wanted to get it published in June and I've finished it just in the nick of time, but I'm happy, now I have to focus on finishing the sixth and last one and I'm already on the right track.

WARNING, DAVID: Don't say it too much, then whatever happens, it's a disaster.


The other day I found this cover of "25 years of Buffy" in which three of my drawings appear.

I keep good memories of my time drawing the vampire slayer and enough time has passed to be able to revisit it with affection and not with criticism.


Last week we aired a video on Cartoonist Streaming in which we talked about AIs and drawing aids, it's a controversial and somewhat scary topic, but we looked at it face to face because we are brave.

Roleplaying has been a bit stopped and more than it will be because in summer people break their routines and so it is more difficult to get together to play, but what I have done has been to finish my main roleplaying podcast, The glass cannon, a huge game that has been played for more than five years, 326 episodes in which I have learned a lot about how roleplaying narrative works, how to enjoy playing and how to direct games to get the most out of what is my main hobby.


I've been rummaging through my hard drives and found some process images of a Guardians of the Galaxy cover I did some time ago and it's excellently documented. Enjoy your summer.

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1 Comment

Elecé Wheel
Elecé Wheel
Jul 04, 2022

Looking forward to the last number of BHIH!

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