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Being annoying

Week 6/2023

Before I get to the subject: I saw Wakanda Forever and I liked it, maybe it helped that I had very low expectations, but it seems a movie that deals very naturally with grief and loss, I don't want a story of people fighting and that's all, I want characters that learn things about life and learn along with them.

At what point do you consider yourself a pain in the ass about the promo? I don't know and at the point I'm at with BH&IH it worries me a little bit, should I push it more, should I let the publisher do their job?

I've found some material I did for the promotion of the first volume in the US and I think I got some pretty nice pieces.

I did a short story where Alexia went to the comic book store and ordered the tome but then I realized that she took off her mask to talk and it was weird.

I also did one where Amy was standing amidst the fire in the ruins of the Foundation but by the time I had the publication ready, George Floyd's assassination and the Black Lives Matter movement happened and I didn't want to create confusion with it.

I don't know if I finally got to publish these ones with dance steps, but I had a lot of fun doing them, I must say. I love doing promotional illustrations because I can experiment with ideas that otherwise I wouldn't even consider, but on the other hand, it's an investment of time that I don't know if it pays off in the end.

The printed edition of BlackHand&IronHead: Consecuencias is coming out in the media, in Top Viñetas by José Luis Vidal:

And also on Radio 3's Territorio 9 where Javier Alonso invited me to "talk about my book", very cool, really (here the clip).


This week in Streaming de Dibujantes I could not count on David Lafuente to talk about our things so I turned to Gabriel Hernández Walta and it was a pleasure, Walta is exquisite, he is super friendly and has an infinite talent.


I finish with this version of the Uncanny X-Men 141 cover I did for the digital edition. Initially they asked me to redraw the original cover as it was but being such an iconic thing I didn't see the point, it's a cover that has been redone many times already. I suggested doing it from the other side and I think it looks more interesting than a redraw, don't you?

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