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Week 37/2022

Six weeks without giving any sign of life, not bad. I felt a little bad for not making my weekly post, but luckily I resisted the guilt and enjoyed the summer as I should, but now I have rested a lot and really well, it's time to get back to school.

The most recent news of the last few days has been the launch of my store. I thought it was not going to cost much but NO, doing things well requires work and especially knowledge, I could not have done anything without the indispensable help of Ainhoa Garcia and Iciar Palacios, ladies who know everything and to whom I have to thank, I know that without them I would be crying with frustration and I would not have my store so cute and so functional.

Click here if you are not subscribed to the newsletter of the store and you will find out when I release new cool stuff.


This summer I've been working a lot on stuff for Marvel, two comics with stories of mine have been released, one of Ultraman and another one of Spider-Man... and a lot of other stuff that I can't talk about but that is really cool, you'll see.


Last Saturday Huescomic took place in Huesca, a very small show where I went to conduct a talk with Miriam Bonastre (genius), I went with my family and my daughter took her fanzines for the first time to sell them like a professional, they were a success and I'm as proud as a father can be.


And finally my comic book is finished, BlackHand&IronHead season 2 episode 6 is ready and will be out in no time,pretty pretty soon…


Many more things have happened, I've read a lot and I've seen many movies, but I must focus on the future, for now I leave here the process of an alternative cover I made for the digital edition of Amazing Spider-Man #194, I love it.

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