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Your bureaucracy is free if your suppliers pay for it

Week 24/2022

For some time now I have noticed that large companies, for a reason that is unknown to me, ask for an absurd amount of data to pay invoices, for me to pay someone I only need the name, ID, address and payment system, I understand that for someone to pay me I should need the same.

Well, NO.

I have invested an hour of my life in navigating the payment system of a large Spanish publisher in which I have had to send them my ID, VAT registration and THREE certificates issued by third parties in addition to providing them with a lot of information in the exact format they need.

If the big companies want to handle all that information, great for them, but let them invest THEIR time in filling it out and not mine.

I've been tempted several times to blow them off, call my contact and tell them to go fuck themselves.

And you know what? That they're sure to pay 90 days or whatever.


I am very happy for my FRIEND Álvaro Ortiz, and also for the American readers, finally these two factors will be able to meet and I am sure they will like each other.

Álvaro Ortiz is my favorite author in Spanish language and I don't say it because of the affection I have for him but in spite of it, it' s very difficult to assume that someone to whom you teach comics as a teenager transforms into an artist who manages to reach a level that you will never reach, and he is still adorable as a person.

Here is the link to Ashes, just know that I will do as much spam as I can.


I have been practicing with the graphite bar and the washes, I have several conclusions, but for the moment here I share a couple of drawings of which I am very satisfied.


My friend Cristina Madrona has illustrated a cute children's book with a cute gastropod as the main character.


In this week's SdD video, good old Lafu and I sketch the script for "The mountains of madness", a Guillermo del Toro and Tom Cruise production that will never see the light of day.


Interceptor 3/5: The movie is pretty bad, no doubt about it, but it's very well made, has a very small budget and doesn't do things it doesn't need to do or pretend to be what it's not, a perfect plan for an unpretentious movie.

Ms. Marvel 3/5: I've only seen the first episode and it's ok, visually it's full of findings, the background collages are pure wonder, but I wasn't really enthusiastic about it, from first episodes you have to leave jumping around waiting for the next one, maybe I'm too old for this kind of shows.

Kenobi 2/5: I think the problem with this series is that it does not want to bother or get wet or anything like that, it lacks pulse, it does not matter too much, it is something that happens when you know the secrets of all the protagonists and how they will finish, in the end it does not matter what happens, nothing will change the final destiny of Obi Wan. But I've seen it anyway, I like being in that galaxy far, far away, and Ewan MacGregor is always adorable.


For this week, on the occasion of the release of Ms. Marvel, I share with you the process of one of the covers I did for the series.

Mahmud Asrar commented that he was very excited to draw Kamala and I totally agree, she has so much energy and originality that is very easy and very grateful to do, I would love to draw a comic of her.

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