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Week 38/2022

For the rest of this month and next month I'll be doing this year's Inktober, I know it's supposed to be done in October, but this year's project is too much work, here's proof of what I'm saying (and it also serves as a preview).


I was listening to Jane Austen audiobooks while I was drawing these days and I'm enjoying them so I remembered the series of vignettes that Marina Vidal made about the literary world of the author on her Instagram:

(After this entry you have to go upwards).


During the summer I was in a very entertaining interview with Misstechin, it was very nice, here you can see it at ease.


We're also back on the airwaves with Streaming de Dibujantes, this week we started with very little energy, but for sure we'll do better next week.


Just on Sunday afternoon some news came to light that I'm very excited about, I can now say that I've done some Witcher covers for Dark Horse! It's really cool and it's drawn by Miki Montlló who is a great artist.

By the way, I'll say goodbye leaving the process of the cover and see you next week!

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