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Week 9, 2022.


I guess I was not the only one who had a hard time this week, not only drawing but living, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has left us horrified.

I was absolutely convinced that Russia would not do such a thing, that at most it would annex the conflict zones that were already somehow autonomous (forgive my ignorance, I do not have time to navigate in this disinformation) and that in Europe we would do the usual, nothing.

But once again I failed to predict events and have spent several days refreshing twitter nonstop and hugging my family tighter and feeling lucky to live at home with no worries other than wearing a mask when I enter enclosed spaces.

My thoughts are with the Ukrainians and I hope this ends as quickly as it has started, but I'm very much afraid I won't get this right either.


I am just focusing on the present and on the things over which I have even a little control.

The Salรณn del Cรณmic de Valencia... allow me to run away to something banal.

At the end of this week I'm going to Valencia to a very promising comic book fair, the guest list is very interesting and because of its size (big but manageable) I think we are facing a very nice choice.

I'm going to rejuvenate 25 years and go back to my fanzine times, I'll bring a little table and a lot of prints, my Dibujos&Mazmorras sketchbook and I'll do some commissions, I'm telling it here first:

I will make three commissions in A5+ (like those of Inktober), at 100โ‚ฌ to deliver in person there, tomorrow I will tell it in networks so if you are going to go and you are interested, contact me and you get the slot.

I have already finished the fourth episode of BlackHand&IronHead, but not only that, I have the layouts of the fifth one ready to pass "the call" with Marcos Martin, in an ideal world (you know that my predictions are worthless, right?) I would have finished drawing it by the end of the month, how crazy, right?

In this past week's Streaming we had Genie Espinosa who is a super artist and a very funny person, here the video:

This week I haven't been able to watch much TV or read many comics because I've been working on things that need all my attention, but I could play D&D with my Italian friends, the game was quite nice, I stopped worrying so much about the correctness of my language and a little more because the story flowed, when we finished I asked them how my Italian was and Jacopo Camagni replied "at times you speak like Jar Jar Binks"... it killed me.

To close this week I share with you an alternate cover of X-Men Red, love yourself, hug your loved ones.

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