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Sweet routine

Week 41/2021

Some people hate it but I love it, being able to organize my time and get things done is the best. The routine helps me a lot to be able to do what I want to do, it gives me control over my own time and that, for those of us who are fans of order, is the best.

At the moment I'm already publishing videos with David Lafuente in our Streaming de Dibujantes, it's our fifth season and I think we've finally started to get the hang of the format, we are trying to make one-hour videos and stick to a single theme, we even have a rundown!

The first week was about diversifying the sources of income, not only on the editorial side, but also about selling originals, prints and whatever else is needed.

In this second one we already got a little bit into the things that we comic book artists do, the basics of narrative in comic format, my final phrase that describes it well is "to narrate well it is enough not to do it badly"... in my head it makes sense.

In the meantime, and like every week of the month, I have continued with my Inktober, here what I have published this week:

There have been some drawings that I wasn't too happy with and I repeated them, here the elf sorceress. She looks much better now than in this first version, doesn't she?

Obviously, on Wednesday the third episode of BlackHand&IronHead came out. It's been quite a lot of work and I see more and more clearly that the promotion part is not my favorite, I hope it happens to be like with the color, that before I didn't know what to do with it and now it's slowly making sense, who knows, maybe when I' m seventy I'll know how to do comics.

I made a bit of a goof with some promotional montages.

This page probably defines how you feel about the whole thing.

Have a nice week.

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