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Sunday is Halloween!

Week 42, 2021.

It's the season of comics and scary movies, that's where sci-fi and fantasy become protagonists, that's fine, all the stuff we like.

My Halloween recommendation is this manga that drives me crazy called DanDaDan, you can read it 100% free 100% legal in the Shueisha App, Manga+, it combines ghosts and aliens with a five-star drawing and an abusive rhythm, I strongly recommend it:

Last week ended very high, on Sunday I was in Territorio 9 of Radio 3, here the whole program in "a la carta", and I must say that I was treated super and I think they are doing a tremendous job of promotion and dissemination, you kick ass, Javier Alonso.

This week's episode of Streaming was a process video of an Inktober drawing, we talked about materials but since I had the camera right in front of me, didn't see anything... it's a miracle I can draw by echolocation.

Fortunately, the result was better than expected.

In the meantime, here are last week's Inktobers, the final ones in ink, next week's will be in color, there's not much left.

I made some BlackHand&IronHead promo's that I found very funny.

Initiative to which the usual suspects, Mikel Navarro and Cómics Vallés (thanks, guys) were eager to contribute.

At Territory 9 they asked me to recommend a song, I asked for "Giorgio by Moroder" by Daft Punk, I've been obsessed with it all summer while working at BH&IH, in fact I made a promo with that music, here's the result:

And here the whole song:

Have a happy week and watch scary movies, read Lovecraft and stuff yourselves full of treats.


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