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Suddenly the last summer

Week 26/2022

I had planned to talk about summer stuff but the current events in the United States have taken all the peace of my soul, some gentlemen have decided that women are not the owners of their bodies and that they do not endorse women's right to decide what happens in the most intimate part of their bodies.

It is absurd to return to an issue that I thought was already closed in Western countries, where we so proudly claim to be advanced, and it terrifies me to think that these retrograde people are going to go after everything, they are going to delegitimize marriage between people regardless of their gender, that they are going to kill women's rights, and that they are going to impose their narrow and closed vision on all of us.

We have the world in shambles with wars, famines, and CLIMATE CHANGE, GUY, THE WORLD IS GOING TO HELL!!!!

But I live in hope and I know that the human race is so much better than all this and that it is love that will save us from ourselves, don't you think? Give it time.


(The photo is of Alejandro Arbona's dog, an adorable animal who I would love to be my friend).

I want to thank Alejandro Arbona, the human being who translates BlackHand&IronHead, because he is doing a great job, it's very nice to be able to talk in Spanish with an American collaborator and have the confidence to disagree about work stuff, it's rare and very cool. He has also been fool enough to finish the translation on time even though he is going through the COVID, here I have my reservations, my comic can wait as long as it takes, no one should work when they are sick, but Alejandro told me he wanted to do it because he was committed to me and he is very professional. Thank you very much, Alejandro, it was not necessary but I appreciate it very much.

The fifth episode will be released this week and you will be seeing it because I will be annoying you.

As for the sixth episode, I think that everything difficult is already drawn, I'll summarize my process:

(I finish the script before I start drawing anything, this process is the one I follow for each episode).

  1. Layouts (page sketches): I draw the whole comic book with some very rough sketches and I put the lettering, so I can read it and adjust the dialogues, then I send it to Marcos Martín and with him I review the narrative, it is the most crucial part, it is where the comic book that later will be read is really born. This is done.

  2. Characters: Here begins the part where my work process becomes strange, I draw all the figures of the comic, all the Alexias and the Amys and the Reyes Gladiador, the backgrounds are already defined in the layout so I'm on the safe side. I think I draw all the characters straight to keep the freshness of the interpretation, if I draw the whole page I take longer between pages and so there is something that gets lost. I don't know. I finished that part last Friday.

  3. Backgrounds: I draw the backgrounds... this is easy. I like to do it all in a row because it's easier for me to maintain consistency from page to page, so I know where the characters are and what they have around them. Missing.

  4. Grays: In this phase I do the volume work, I also put the patterns and finish the pages. Missing.

  5. Prepare files: Which is to prepare the files with the layers organized so that Kike can then focus on his work. Missing.

  6. Final reading: I reread the comic and adjust the dialogues, that's when my part of the job ends.

  7. Color: Kike does his part.

  8. Translation: Alejandro does his part.

  9. Prepare for publication: Marcos does his part.

That's it. My idea is that by July 15 my part will be done and by August Alejandro and Kike's part will be ready.

I think we are getting almost there.


I'm finalizing the web store and I'm going to prepare a newsletter in which I'll be announcing shop things, so sign up here if you want to be updated:

I promise not to be too annoying.


In Streaming we had Joan Tretze as a guest, a gentleman who is all heart and who I adore for being such a good person, Joan is crowdfunding his new d13 System comic book and he tells us how he does it so well. A useful and fun episode.


I say goodbye with the process of the fifth and last of Sabaac's covers, with the Knights of Ren. From Lucasfilms they knew perfectly well what they wanted, I just had to give it to them... sometimes the job is easy.

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