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October is here

Week 39/2021

October is one of the coolest months of the year, the routine begins (I love routine), all the good series are back and every year more and more, we're getting ready for Halloween.

Halloween is the big party of the geeks, we like it, we get all our stuff and we are more and more the cool stuff.

This year I've started with Inktober and I'm fascinated, it's taking out the drawing toys that I don't use every day and surprise your fans with the best of yourself... I don't know, I'm enjoying the best parts of my hobby which is also my profession.

My Inktober is focused on DnD which is my hobby and a passion that I enjoy since I started third year of High School, maybe it was in October 1989....

It all came by chance, I was going to talk to a man who was dedicated to promoting extracurricular activities in my school, my friend Alejandro Val and I were going to form a comic library (it went wrong) and we met some guys who wanted to form their role-playing-games club. I had never heard of RPGs, in Spain it was not even a minority entertainment, it was an inexistent rarity, they explained to us what it was about and we did not understand, "you have to see it to understand it well, come to our next session". The following Wednesday, at 4.30 pm, when there were no classes, we went to an empty classroom where I played my first game, I played a halfling because I had read Tolkien and... and a love was born then that, with its comings and goings, accompanies me all my life.

At that time it was really difficult and expensive to find dice, I had a set with a green d20 but over time I got more dice and I made my red set, I didn't have d12, because the d12 is not used for anything! There were no tens dice either, you rolled the d10 for the tens and the d20 for the units, or two d10 and the darker one marked the tens.

When I took up the game again I got some beautiful dice that also tend to get high results, and my players in the game at Nicolas' bar gave me a small set that fits in any pocket. Now I have a lot of sets but I play online on Roll20, let's see when the pandemic normalizes and we can see each other again.

But back to Inktober: in this gallery you can see the drawings published until today, next week, more.

Just a reminder that I will make another advance of the Inktobers publication schedule to subscribers next week, you still have time.

Chicken Devil #1 Variant.

The other day I got my copies of this Aftershock comic book. It's a very nice feeling when the whole process of creating a cover goes so smoothly, with Christina Harrington it often happens to me.

Happy week!

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