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Not to make any progress.

Week 36.2021

The week was tight because school was starting and that is a milestone for families with children.


Tuesday brought a scare, my Cintiq (2013) decided it wasn't going to work anymore and I had to replace it.

While the new device was traveling to its new home, I worked on the iPad, putting to good use a stand I picked up through Indiegogo.


One thing that took me a lot of mental time was this embarrassing video to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of Romics in which I show off my amazing knowledge of Italian, it looks weird, doesn't it? Probably because I was memorizing the phrases one by one so as not to be even more embarrassing (It will be posted in a few days, don't tell them I shared it here first, grazie).

In the meantime I had one of those meetings that you keep postponing because it's never the right time, but then you go and it's really cool. I don't know what will come out of all this, but I do know that the place where we meet is spectacular.


I've done a bit of everything, anything to avoid facing the boring part of self-publishing comics, which is to prepare the promotion and all the part of coordinating suppliers. But well, after all the headaches, the third episode of BlackHand&IronHead is ready for publication and will be available for download from PanelSyndicate at the end of September–early October.


This week my daughter proved again that she is the artist of the family, here her interpretation of Batman and Batgirl.


We were with the family at the Huescómic, which is a comic show of minuscule size but maximum quality.


I made a couple of drawings that I had pending, I'm considering doing Inktober.

Bonus Content:

If you've made it this far, you deserve to at least see a nice cover process. Have a nice week.

"Star Wars: The High Republic, trail of shadows #1"

The cover of the first issue of a collection is a very serious matter, especially if it is a franchise like Star Wars, where everyone says theirs, it will be the image that will be used more in the promotion and probably will be the one that will end up being the cover of the compilations.

As you can see, I did a lot of sketches until, in a maneuver that was no less spectacular for being unexpected, they approved the first version. There are covers that clearly communicate that they are from an issue 1, right?

There was a last minute change in the character design and I adapted the sketch, but in the process I strayed too far from the approved sketch, the body language wasn't right, and I had to redraw it to make it fit better.

The subsequent process was the one I've been using since I started doing Buffy covers, watercolor with digital work on top.

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