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Week 6/2022

All of a sudden my schedule is full of work stuff, I have covers, pages for a major, my comic book and the TWO creation comics I have in production and I already have some ideas for my fantasy/thriller project. It happens to me a lot that the more artist work I have, the more I want to write.

The colored pages of the fourth episode of BHIH have arrived so we will publish it very soon, look how beautiful Kike's work is.

They also tell me that my book is in the library of Pueblo Vallekas, libraries are the best, you have to use them more.

The last video we did in Streaming de Dibujantes was with Marina Vidal, she is a great cover artist and an expert in Brandon Sanderson, she is very cool.

My daughter is still drawing great, here a few drawings from this last week.

Just before Christmas I got a few cool books, I guess I'm being a good kid.

The Álvaro Martínez Sketchbook is really beautiful, what a great artist, you can buy it here, mine came with an Amy Camús fanart!

From France I received a comic book that looks great, the author tells us in first person her experience in China, the drawing is amazing and when I can read it I have a feeling I will like it, these things are very well done in the neighbor country.

I say "when I can read it" because I'm in the middle of rereading Billy Bat by Naoki Urasawa and I'm liking it much more than the first time, it's tremendously demanding for the reader because it has constant jumps in the timeline but of course, it has the usual Urasawa moments.

The series I've been watching this week:

The Afterparty S1 (3/5): Quite entertaining, it's not a stunner and you can see the stitching, but it's very much my thing.

Foundation S1 (4/5): Very good, it starts like it's going to be a "talking" series and a bit thick, but then it gets lighter and it's great.

Succession S3 (3/5): This last season has made me tired and boring, ooooot again to give him turns to the same thing. It's good, but I'm getting off here, I don't care about anything.

Today I won't put a cover process, I'll share a commission of Fallen Angel that was beautiful, one of those that hurts to see leaving home.

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