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Nearing the end

Week 21/2022

I was going to tell you about one thing of my drawings, but what I really like are the drawings my daughter makes.

I know all of us parents think our daughters are the best, but mine is and I'm starting to not know how to handle it.

That's it, I've got it out.


I'm in a moment of vertigo, just Friday morning I was reviewing with Marcos Martín the layouts of the sixth and last episode of BlackHand&IronHead, it's done, I've already read it, it is only left to adapt it for you to read .

If nothing gets in the way I should publish issue five in June, maybe the fifteenth? and the final episode in September, is the seventh of September good for you?

One important thing, I really appreciate the little messages you leave when you download it, the messages, come on, roll up a little.


I asked for help from notebook fans because I have to buy a new one and the ones I know don't satisfy me 100%, the replies in the post are yours if you have any ideas.


As for USA stuff, I can finally tell you that I've done a short Ultraman story in which Ultraman doesn't appear, but it's cool just the same.

The first trailer of Hulka has been released and I take this opportunity to post the cover I made of the emerald giantess.


This last week at Streaming de Dibujantes we had a DanDaDan special.


I was at the pre-inauguration of the exhibition "Fight of giants", very cool, details here.


Another important thing, my dear friend Álvaro Ortiz presented "La pequeña genia" in society at Taj Mahal, it was obvious that he was playing home.


Fran Galán is coming to Zaragoza and I will have the pleasure to introduce him.


This song has had me obsessed all week.


TV stuff:

Moon Knight S1 (3/5): Very cool visually but I lost interest quite a bit.

How I met your father? S1 (3/5): So far it's like the first one but it still needs a little bit for the characters to transmit their charisma, we'll see. It's nice having it on without paying attention while I'm drawing, GOOD.


This week another process of Sabaac's card variants. Enjoy the summer.

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