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My spirits were restored

Week 12/2022

In the end I had tonsillitis all week, but only on one side, very rare, my friends sent me this picture to illustrate my condition.

Maybe the illness, or probably the general state of the planet, has had me down in the dumps, very sad all around, but my wonderful family and telling friends about it has unburdened my chest and I have been able to let the good things in. The smiles of the people you love remind you that life has its sunny side and it's there, you just have to pay attention to it.

On Tuesday 15th I went to Caja Rural to talk with Sara Soler, I was still in poor health but the place and the people were worth the effort, it is always a luxury to talk with Sara, the audio is available in the link of Aragón Radio.

On March 22, in the same event, "March, month of comics", Sergio Hernandez and Toni Caballero will come to talk about their manga "Backhome" which is amazing, it looks like the work of people who have been working as professionals for decades, on the 23rd they will sign at MilComics at 12.30 and I will make the presentation.

It has also been made public that I'm participating in the Moon Knight: Black, White and Blood #3 (of 4) with script by Erica Schultz, I haven't drawn interiors for Marvel for a long time and I'm there again, even if it's for a short thing.

Attention, this weekend I will be at the Cómic con Caminos, a convention that comes out of the efforts of a group of road engineers who like comics and with a lot of willpower have put together a date that promises to be very interesting.

I have a lecture on Saturday 17/03 at 16.00 where we will explain how to destroy an straucture and then at 19.00 signatures, on Sunday at 11.00 another signatures session.

The guest artist list is quite long and juicy.

In multimedia, I haven't had time for much, but I've been listening to Rosalía's Motomami like crazy, it's amazing, a great album "like the ones from before" (like the albums I used to listen to when I was more interested in music).

I remember the shock of watching Saoko's video while sketching for my Elektra cover, my conscious mind didn't know what my unconscious mind and hand were looking for, I watched the creation phase of this cover from second row, but the result speaks for itself.

Once I finished the cover I went back to see Saoko's video, here are some screenshots, draw conclusions. Tra-tra.

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