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My privilege

Week 28/2022

Following last week's comic book controversy, the discovery that a male author had been making his career as if he were a female author, there was an intense debate on Twitter.

Iria Ros was doing an article about it in Sala de peligro:

From this topic, I conclude that it is necessary that the possible benefit of the "boom of women authors" (understand that I put it in quotation marks) should be capitalized by women because men have a number of advantages that women do not have, what is known as privilege.

I made a thread on the subject that I reproduce here (it was in a nutshell but it turned out well enough):

It is reproduced here:

"Admitting your privilege implies that you have had an advantage to get where you are and that clashes with the narratives of "nobody has helped me, I have earned it all myself" and you have to make a new narrative when you have the whole thing set up and it's too tiring.

I was at the Salón del Cómic de Valencia and I had my little stand, I had no problem in giving my Bízum to sell, a female colleague can't do that.

Advantage for me.

I go to places and I get together with ladies and gentlemen without worrying that someone thinks I'm giving rise to flirting.


I post whatever I want without having to justify myself to trolls. Gentlemen don't get harassed in the same way.

To give context: I drew Captain Marvel and Wolverine, no trolling. For comic book parties I can dress as I want, no one will criticize me, more time and money for me.

I have no problem going out for a glass of wine with an editor or publisher because they won't think there's an implicit promise of sex.

In short, I'm free to do what I want.

And I don't even have to think about it.

That, dear colleagues, is a privilege.

Our colleague Paula Bonet has had to leave her workshop and her activity, she has feared for her life and has gone through an unthinkable torment.

This does not happen to us gentlemen.

Feminist women have a small refuge, a ghetto in which they have a certain advantage... please, comrades, it is shameful to want to occupy it.

Women are not taking our place because the place was not ours to begin with, in fact, women authors have attracted a new public that did not come before OUR FEMALE COMPANIONS ARE HELPING US.

Don't step on their toes, don't be stupid.

P.S.: There are many more things that are advantageous about being a white gentleman, what I have pointed out is just the first thing that came to my mind."

In another of the contradictions of the patriarchy, my opinion had much more echo than the opinions of many of my female colleagues.

I am left thinking with a phrase Listo's opinion, "[...] so much talent dedicated to make someone feel bad [...]", regardless of the context or if he is right or not, it is necessary to consider how strong our judgment is.


I leave you with the process of the cover of Captain Marvel #14, I'm particularly happy with this one because I learned a lot painting the face.

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