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My comic book is out!

Week 42/2022

Every time I finish a project it leaves me with a strange feeling of emptiness, a concern that disappears and a computer folder that goes to "finished", it is true that I have to sort out the paper editions and it is far from finished, but there is nothing more to draw, the promotional illustrations that I can do will no longer be the real thing, they will be mere additions.

But that's the nature of things and it's good that it's like that.

In this second season I have been able to see the process of creative work in a different way, I already knew what the work was about and I already had everything organized, I have been able to enjoy it more and see where I got it right and what to do differently, I can't help it, I'm already thinking about the next project.

I'll keep on bugging you here, obviously, but it won't be the same. Remember that in PanelSyndicate you can download all the episodes and, obviously, the last one, and as a thank you for being with me all the way, I leave here the complete process of the first episode, enjoy it.


This week there has been no Streaming de Dibujantes video, but there has been a lot of Inktober and it' s been harder because I had to combine it with a couple of cover artist gigs, so I'm running out of leeway. Enjoy what’s left of the Indian summer.

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