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Monday was a bank holiday and it got out of hand.

Week 5/2022

I've been going through my old blog and I've deleted a lot of stuff, but I've been surprised by the amount of series and Movie reviews I saw (and still see) when I draw, I'm going to take it up again, so I don't forget what I thought of them.

Yellowjackets T1 4/5: Thriller with some tinge of supernatural sprinkled with black humor, has some Lost and a lot of 90's revival, I want to see T2 right now.

Patriot T1 4/5: Very good, James Gunn doing what he does best.

Mr. Robot T2 4/5: I'm very late with this one, but it's really good.

Archive 81 T1 4/5: I was sold on this one from minute one, awesome paranormal.

Superstore T1 (2/5): It tries very hard to look like many things, Brooklyn 99 or Community, nothing new, I left it half way through, there are too many great things to watch to watch something that doesn't excite me.

I get this beautiful tweet from the reading club of the Escola Thau de Sant Cugat, what a pleasure to be read by young people, it's a comic book made for them.

I have started my D&D game in Italian and so far I haven't been kicked out, at some point I'll start making drawings and I'll share them.

I do have drawings of the game directed by Joan Tretze, it' s been thirteen sessions and we haven't killed anyone, but that doesn't mean that my elf hasn't been beaten up a lot.

It's been a long time since I did fanarts, here's the one I did of AmaIA from Biotopía, one of my favorite podcasts, available on all platforms.

I'm still doing covers for Marvel and I'm still trying to find a technique I feel comfortable with, here I tried to go back to the classic ink line and digital color.

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