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Long week

Week 49/2021

Christmas is starting to show, this is imminent and it's great.

This last week was marked by two things, I had construction works at home and I had the presentation of "Dibujos y Mazmorras" in MilComics. One thing for the other.

While on construction I was working with the iPad instead of the computer, and I could fully enjoy all my gadgets, the Sketchboard Pro, which is a table/atril adapted for the iPad (more info here) and the... video game controller ring? (they sell it here).

The Sketchboard Pro is very expensive and I don't know if a fine art stand with a bar can work nearly as well, what I do know is that I worked very comfortably and that the large iPadPro is a great machine to work on.

The joystick ring is much cheaper and is a very good complement, for a while I tried to use a little 8Bitdo Zero controller and, although it worked, it gave me quite a few Bluetooth problems and I gave up, with the ring I have my shortcuts very handy and since it is a ring... it doesn't fall off. I seriously recommend it.

We could not upload last week's video, but I will share this one, we talked with Laura Perez who is one of the most interesting artists of the moment, not only in Spain but worldwide.

Por fin el sábado tuvo lugar la presentación de mi libro de ilustraciones roleras en MilComics

Finally on Saturday took place the presentation of my roleplaying illustrations book at MilComics.

I was accompanied by my family, who are always supportive and were very helpful here, and the presentation was made by Sara Jotabé, illustrator and role-playing converse, and Nicolás Carbonell, the friend who introduced me to role-playing games in 1989 (and it seems like yesterday). Everything went well and was funny until Nicolás confessed to me that 30 years ago when I lent him my Vespino ALX for a ride, he fell with it. It's been a few days and I still don't know how to react to that betrayal.

I don't keep pictures of that motorcycle, at that time there were no cell phones with cameras, I didn't have a camera and it never occurred to me to take pictures of it, this is a picture from the internet.

Leaving the past behind, I made quite a lot of drawings in the store and at home, here a selection.

I also brought the A5 black and white print to thank everyone who came by and bought the book.

I'm speeding up the drawing of BlackHand&IronHead, I think if I work hard I can have it ready in 2022.

Not bad for a week, I leave you the purchase buttons and a cover process.

Dibujos&Mazmorras, the compilation of drawings of characters taken from D&D adventures, 94 color pages bound with gold and hardcover, the ideal gift for Secret Santa, you will be sure to look good.

BlackHand&IronHead, the story of Alexia and Amy, one heroine, the other villain, sisters for a very short time and allies if they want to stay alive.

Download it from PanelSyndicate paying whatever you want, or even nothing.

Since I started reading Young Avengers I fell in love with this couple, I found it very important that Disney/Marvel bet on reflecting what is already an evidence in our society.

It strikes me that lately they make different logo montages for the internet promotion and for the printed edition.

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