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"Just five minutes more…"

Week 40, 2021

I can't resign myself to the end of the summer!

I know there are already dry leaves, cold wind and Halloween is almost here, but my mind still wants a little bit more of a vacation, from not complying with my obligations as an adult, these moments of creative freedom that Inktobers give have a very bad hangover.

Speaking of which, here are the drawings from this past week:

Another reason for not feeling like working could be that on Wednesday the third episode of BlackHand&IronHead will be ready for download, which is cool news, but having to be pending to do promotion and follow-ups is an indescribable pain.

But for the time being, here is the preview of the third episode.

As a farewell and since yesterday was Rumiko Takahashi's birthday, some fanarts I made years ago of Ranma 1/2, probably the work that has influenced me the most as a cartoonist.

Have a nice week.

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