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Inktober is over

Week 44/2022

I started with two weeks leeway but I ended with a three day one, not bad if you ask me. It's been really exhausting, I swear I'm not doing it again*.

* This is not a binding promise, who knows what 2023 David will decide.

I had a problem with the illustration "the betrayal", what I wanted to tell needed two images, when Karona absorbs the forest's energy and when she absorbs the owl's. Those are two actions that happen in two vey separated points in space, but I needed the dramatically, that's why I drew two images. BUT when I had Karona's part drawn I felt that it needed distance, scope! It told the mechanics of how the magic works, how she absorbs the essence of the forest but felt… meh. I added ANOTHER drawing so the story worked much better.

Also: I had the chance to talk about the end of BlackHand&IronHead season two with the people from Viñetas y Bocadillos, here's the audio:

That's it for the week, happy Halloween!

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