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I did not know about these videos!

Week 29/2022

First of all, I've finished drawing the last episode of BlackHand&IronHead, now all that's left is to draw the reader's mail, coloring and translating, it looks like a lot but in the end it's not so horrible.

This last week has been quite difficult because I was having a hard time concentrating, which included a lot of wasted hours on Twitter.

On the plus side, I discovered this post:

And here they were talking about some musical shorts from the Gibli studio, I did a search and finally found them on Vimeo, here I share them:

There is a DVD compiling all this material and my birthday is coming up soon (in November, no less).


Sorry to bother you: A bit interesting and a bit shitty. The whole dystopian capitalist society approach, great, there are more interesting ideas there than the one they chose, but well, cool. In the end it ends up going to the predictable.

Blasted: Zombie comedy in Norway. It's Nordic and has the humor from there, no surprises, nothing new but it's watchable.

Cast a deadly spell: It is very bad, but it is still enjoyable. The coolest thing (the only cool thing) is the noir setting with Lovecraftian magic, a very flashy idea. Then the story, less well done.

Valley of the dead: Very entertaining, at some point, especially at the beginning, you can see the actors acting, but after that it's a very good zombie movie.

Red Notice: A heist movie with three great actors and a big budget. A downer, it doesn't get the tone at any time and it's very boring, you don't get to care about anyone.


I close with the process of the cover of High Republic: Trail of Shadows #5.

I finished it on time, but just before publishing I was asked to make a change and it had to be done, of course.

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