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Week 15, 2022

I've delayed this post to coincide with the release of the new episode of BlackHand&IronHead!

It's a lie, it's just that the Easter school holidays have been very complicated for me and I haven't been able to dedicate time to the blog.

After so many delays I thought the day would never come, but finally it's available, the fourth episode, here is the synopsis:

"Forgetting past mistakes doesn't make them right, so what's behind Rainbow's shocking change of sides? betrayal! deceit! secrets! lies! Your misdeeds end up leading you headlong into the lion's den."

It's exciting, isn't it?

Enter and download it paying what you want or nothing, this goes to personal preference, yes, if you pay you can leave a note and I will answer it in the final pages and put silly drawings.

Last week something very important happened that we must not forget:

A traffic light in honor of Chiquito de la Calzada in his native Malaga.

This week has been strong in media, starting with a Marvel podcast in which they say beautiful things about me: Captain Marvel: In Pursuit of Flight with Sam Maggs a with Sam Maggs starting at minute 33 they talk about Captain Marvel and for once they emphasize the work of the artist, a lot of love.

I was also invited to "Calle Friki Semanal" where I was talking with some very nice guys from Valencia, we were talking for half an hour and it took us a while, I was very happy, honestly.

I went back to play with my Italians after many weeks and found them in very good shape, they left the map in shambles, of course.

Cutting on the dotted line (4/5): Six 20-minute episodes, very short, great pace and with the 90's flavor that I like so much.

El Ministerio del Tiempo T4 (4/5): Rating this series is complicated, it's 3 stars when you watch it but 4 stars when you remember it. This seems like the last season and it has been very worth it, great characters and a very funny vision of the history of Spain.

The Bubble (2/5): Netflix movie, embarrassingly bad, bad to not funny at all.

Historia de lo oculto (4/5): Also seen on Netflix but in this case it is very good, a very disturbing Argentine mystery/terror, one of those that you don't end up understanding and probably have to watch a couple of times to finish understanding.

To leave a good taste in our mouths, the TV news that I had been waiting for so long, the fourth season of Stranger Things!

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