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Catwoman and more.

Week 7/2022

Little by little my "for hire" work commitments are getting finished and I can dedicate myself to my own projects, but don't get me wrong, working on Marvel comics and Star Wars covers is still a privilege and a joy, the only problem is that if you don't do your personal work yourself, nobody is going to do it.

The season of comic shows is already here and this year we are really looking forward to it, the first one in Valencia:

I'm preparing a Catwoman print to carry, in the sketch phase I was very sure about what I wanted, very flat colors, a very graphic thing, but I'm afraid in the end it's not going to be like that at all.

Kike already has the color of the BH&IH pages finished, so all that's left is to translate them and... they'll be ready for PanelSyndicate, you'll be able to see issue 4 in no time.

This week we did a video again, this time with Pepe Larraz dealing with a complicated subject, how to draw kisses, it's tricky.


Feria T1 (3/5): A series about supernatural cults, who won't like it! Very good, very rich, it goes to the point, it doesn't get tangled up in things that don't interest... very good. I really liked that people have their accents well marked, it gives a lot of depth to the setting, what I didn't like so much is that this first season ends in false, one thing is to leave a cliffhanger, another to stop in the final scene.

Brand new cherry flavor T1 (3/5): A series clearly "inspired" by the work of Cronenberg and Lynch but does not disappoint, on the contrary, is quite entertaining and full of unsettling moments.

The Book of Boba Fett T1 (3/5): The first chapters are a bit bad but the last ones are much better, I don't think I would have liked it even half as much if there weren't so many characters that I recognize, what can I do, I get a couple of spoonfuls of nostalgia and I fall like a fool.


I'm still rereading Billy Bat (I think I'm going to get it right this time) but I've fallen into the Shotaro Ishinomori trap, I'm pretty blown away by Kamen Rider, the precursor to Power Rangers and a Japanese way of doing superheroes that persists to this day, the comic goes like a missile, never looking back, It's full of inconsistencies but whatever, by the time you want to realize that this young biker has a high-tech lab in his house, he's already left it behind by the next stupidity, I look at it with humility realizing that the comics we make in the West we take them too seriously and very little goes on.

This week's process is from a job a year ago, one thing that surprised the hell out of me, why was I commissioned to do a Kull cover? The result was much better than I imagined.

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